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Q&A from both of us :)

For this blog post I thought that Jared and I would answer some specific questions. This may help you get some insight into our personal thoughts, and please do let us know if you have any more questions for us, we'd love to answer them!  

What was the biggest thing God taught you last year in Japan?

Lily: As we planned to go to Japan last year we were really encouraged to be flexible and willing to adapt to any situation. Knowing that I generally like to plan ahead and know what is coming I prayed diligently that this would be true. By God's grace I was not thrown off whatsoever when our coordinators on the Japan side announced that we had the opportunity to serve at a camp in more northern Japan as there was less work at the guesthouse than had been anticipated. The interesting thing was that God truly solidified this lesson when I returned and if I am honest I am still reminded of it often. I truly struggle to give up the reigns of control, day by day I have to submit to His …

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